Why Us


•   We are a firm of regulated consultants & Immigration Lawyer and not a recruitment agency. Our services include legal advice and guidance to our clients helping them immigrate to Canada / Australia / Czech Republic / Lithuania/ Slovakia /Moldova / Brasil /Cyprus & USA through proper and legal channels.

•   We advise the client in strict accordance with the laws and only accept those cases where there are good prospects for immigration.

•   We work with ICCRC / MARA /OISC / Immigration Lawyer of Canada & USA & European Lawyers .

•   We stay in constant touch with our clients, by mail, telephone, and in person as well as keep they well informed of even the smallest development.

•   We prepare all applications for the migration cases with verification of all supporting documents.

•   We outline the clients' strengths and weaknesses and where they should concentrate their efforts to improve their chances of immigration.

•   We accompany our clients to their immigration interviews ***.

•   We represent our client's prospective employer at final destination of choice***.

•   Last but not least, we consider every file important to us and take care to see that personal attention is given to each individual.


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